Hector DiLeo
Superintendent of Highways
Stormwater Management Coordinator

Highway Department
40 Mill Road
Eastchester, NY 10709
Telephone: (914) 961-8540
Fax: (914) 961-8549

Physical Location:
Farella Way (Dead End)
Formerly Known Burnham Road
Department Hours 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.  Monday - Friday

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Highway FAQ

1.What aspects are handled by the Town of Eastchester, Highway Department?

The Highway Department handles all matters pertaining to Town owned sewers, storm drains, street lights, sidewalks, roadways, trees, right-of-ways, as well as refuse & recycling.

2.What is the location of the Town of Eastchester, Highway Department?

The Highway Department is located at the end of Burnham Road, Eastchester (North end of Town).

3.What is the mailing address for the Highway Department?

Our mailing address is:

Town of Eastchester
Highway Department
40 Mill Road
Eastchester, New York 10709

4.What are the operating hours of the Town of Eastchester, Highway Department?

With the exception of holidays, the Highway Department is open

Monday – Friday from 7:00am to 3:30 pm

5.How can I contact the Town of Eastchester, Highway Department?

Phone number is (914) 961-8540

Fax number is (914) 961-8549

E-mail address – highway@eastchester.org

In an emergency contact Police Department (914) 961-3464

Refuse & Recycling:

6.What are my scheduled refuse pickups? Will they change during a holiday week?

During a non-holiday week your refuse pickups are as follows:

North of Mill Road – Monday & Thursday

Bulk collection – Thursday (curbside collection)

South of Mill Road – Tuesday & Friday

Bulk collection – Friday (curbside collection)

7.I am performing renovations to my house, will the Town take my construction debris?

The Town does not accept construction materials. This includes concrete, asphalt, plaster, tile, sheetrock, wood, windows, roofing materials, sand, rocks, wood doors, etc. You must obtain a private carter to dispose of these materials.

8.How do I dispose of paint cans?

Empty, dry paint cans may be placed within your regular household garbage. Cans containing paint are not accepted. Full paint cans may be air dried by removing the lid for and extended period of time. Also cat liter can be used as an absorbent.

9.How do I dispose of wood furniture & carpeting?

These types of items are considered bulk. For pickup these items must be placed curbside no earlier than dusk on the night preceding collection, but no later than 7:00 am of the designated collection day. Carpeting must be cut and bundled in lengths not to exceed four feet.

10.My bulk items are heavy, therefore I am unable to carry them to the curb. Can the Highway Department send someone to assist me?

Town employees cannot enter into a resident’s home, including the garage. When these types of situations occur we recommend that you ask a friend or hire a contractor.

11.How do I dispose of branches & brush?

Branches & brush may be placed at the curb providing that they are tied in bundles not greater than four feet and no more than 40 pounds. Branches and brush are picked up with Green waste on Wednesday.

12.When are my recycling pickups?

The Town performs the following curbside recycling pickups:

Metal – Wednesday (suspended during holiday weeks & the month of November)

Newspaper & Commingled:

Section 1 – Monday

Section 2 - Tuesday

Section 3 - Thursday

Section 4 - Friday

*Grass Clippings/Leaves – Wednesdays

*Grass clippings and leaves are picked up on a scheduled basis as of the first week of April until end of October. Therefore as of November 1st, leaves and grass clippings are picked up on an unscheduled basis. At that time you may place these items at the curb anytime.

Please remember that the above pickups are subject to change during holiday weeks.

13.How do I dispose of old appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, stoves, laundry machines, air conditioners, etc.?

These items are considered metal and are picked up curbside on Wednesdays. During a Holiday week this pickup is suspended. For safety purposes you must remove the door from the refrigerator and/or freezer prior to placing the unit at the curb. Currently, the Town does not require you to remove freon from air conditioners or refrigerators. These items must be placed curbside no earlier than dusk on the night preceding collection, but no later than 7:00 am of the designated collection day.

14.Is there a specific day or time that I should place recyclables and/or bulk items curbside or can I place them out to my convenience?

Local Law requires that residents place items out for collection no earlier than dusk on the night preceding collection, but no later than 7:00 am of the designated collection day for recyclables & bulk.

15.My commingled and newspaper container(s) are broken or missing, will the Town provide replacements?

The Town no longer supplies these containers. Containers of a similar look and size can be obtained from your local hardware store.

16.How do I dispose of televisions, computer monitors & laptops?

Westchester County has determined that items containing a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT’s) such as televisions, computer monitors & laptops are considered recyclable. Therefore these items can no longer be mixed with household garbage.

Residents may deliver these items, unbroken to the Recycling Center located on Burnham Road, or place curbside for Wednesday pickup. In order to prevent breakage the Town is requiring that residents apply tape, crisscross over the screen prior to disposal.

17.How come my leaves have not been picked up?

During the 1st week of April to the end of October grass clippings and/or leaves are picked up on a scheduled basis. As of the 1st week of November leaves are picked up on an unscheduled basis. Depending on the volume of leaves pickups may vary from once per week to once every 2 to3 weeks.

18.Can I place leaves curbside in plastic bags?

Plastic bags are not accepted. Leaves may be placed within biodegradable bags, or within a labeled container. Labels may be obtained at the Highway Department & Town Hall free of charge.

19.Where should I place my leaves for pickup?

Leaves should be placed behind the curb of your property. Please do not pile leaves in the roadway! Not only does this create a hazardous condition for vehicular traffic, but it also obstructs storm drains, which will increase flood conditions.


20.I am concerned about the condition of the Town owned tree outside my residence, who should I contact?

All concerns pertaining to Town owned trees should be made in writing to the Town of Eastchester, Highway Department, 40 Mill Road, Eastchester, New York 10709.

21.How can I determine the ownership of a tree located in front of my residence?

The Town right-of-way varies. The best way to determine ownership is by obtaining a survey. If you are not sure you may contact the Highway Department for assistance at (914) 961-8540.

22.What are the tree planting procedures?

With the written permission of the Superintendent of Highways residents are permitted to plant a tree on the Town right-of-way. If you should choose to do so you will be responsible for the future maintenance of this tree.

Every spring the Town plants trees on the Town right-of-way under our annual tree planting program. Residents who wish to have a tree planted must send a written request to the Highway Department.

23.Can I remove a Town owned tree?

Residents are not permitted to remove a Town owned tree without written consent from the Highway Department.

Street & Sidewalk Excavation Permits:

24.I am looking to excavate on public property, must I acquire a permit from the Highway Department?

No person shall open or cause to be opened by cutting or excavating the surface or soil of any street, sidewalk or Town right-of-way area for any purposes whatsoever without first obtaining a permit from the Highway Department. Some examples of work are as follows:

Sidewalk replacement/installation

Driveway widening

Connection into sanitary sewer or storm drain

Placing a roll-off container on a Town roadway

Gas line, water, or utility line excavation

25.What are the fees for a Street & Sidewalk Excavation permit?

Base permit fee for each location - $225.00. There will be an additional $6.00 charge per square foot for excavation exceeding 15 square feet.

Driveway widening - $15.00 per foot

Container on the roadway - $60.00 (no base fee)

Sidewalk installation/replacement - $100.00

26.What is required in order to obtain a Street & Sidewalk Excavation permit?

Certificate of Insurance - Public liability insurance in the amount of not less than One Million ($1,000,000) for any one person and not less than Two Million ($2,000,000) for any one accident and property damage insurance not less than Five Hundred Thousand ($500,000) for any one accident and Five Hundred Thousand ($500,000) in the aggregate. The Town must be named as an additional insured.

Plans - The applicant is required to provide the Highway Department with a copy of plans outlining the proposed excavation. A detailed sketch showing exact footage to be excavated may be substituted for work pertaining to sanitary sewer connection and driveway widening.

Performance Security – Prior to the issuance of a permit for excavation of a roadway, sidewalk or Town right-of-way a bond or certified check in the amount of $1,750.00 payable to the Town of Eastchester must be submitted.


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