Hiring a Contractor

Before hiring a Contractor make sure they are NOT on the  RENEGADE RENOVATORS  list with Westchester County. Click link below to view list. 


Hiring a Contractor/Design Professional

 The Town is precluded from recommending contractors or design professionals, however, we urge residents to perform their due diligence in making a selection.  Below are some helpful links in making those decisions.

American Institute of Architects: http://www.aia.org/  
Better Business Bureau: www.newyork.bbb.org 
Westchester County Home Improvement License Search: https://wro.westchesterclerk.com/Login/Login.aspx
Westchester County Master Electrician & Master Plumber Search: http://wro.westchesterclerk.com/license.aspx
EPA Certified Lead Certfied Renovation Firms: http://cfpub.epa.gov/flpp/searchrrp_firm.htm