Sign Law


Residents and business owners should be aware that the Town of Eastchester has adopted a new Sign Law that will soon take effect.  This law, known as Local Law 2 of 2023, was adopted by the Town Board on August 8, 2023 after the law was made available for public review and a public hearing was held.  This new law will substantially change how signs are regulated – on both residential and commercial properties – throughout portions of the “Town Outside” the Villages of Bronxville and Tuckahoe (these villages have their own sign regulations.)

Why is the Sign Law changing?

Cities, Towns, Villages and other jurisdictions across the country have had to make changes to their sign law in response to court decisions that have occurred in recent years, including Reed v. Town of Gilbert, which was a landmark case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2015.  These court decisions have changed the way sign laws must be written, and require that sign laws be “content neutral”.

What does a “content neutral” sign law mean?

Older sign laws often regulate signs by their content or type, meaning that certain types of signs (like election signs, advertising signs, directional signs, holiday signs, etc.) are each subject to different sets of rules.  In Eastchester’s case, the previous (2009) sign law was very broad in the sense that it contained separate lists of prohibited signs and signs that are exempt from regulations.  However, within each category (exempt or permitted) there are a number of exceptions based on the content or type of sign involved.   This is no longer constitutional in light of the court decisions that have been made.

Going forward, Eastchester will regulate signs based on size, quantity, where they can be placed and what materials they can be constructed of, but not the message that a particular sign conveys.