Special Programs
Keeping a town safe and providing all necessary public services to its citizens are missions incredibly broad to be held by any organization. Therefore, for some of the town’s more specific needs, special programs are designed within the four divisions of the Eastchester Police Department. Their programs are often so specific that the knowledge required to run them is beyond the scope of a general police officer and therefore they are headed by officers trained in a specific field, to ensure that the public is properly provided the necessary services.

These programs include:


The nationally acclaimed D.A.R.E. Program is a drug and alcohol education program, which is taught to the fifth grade students at the Anne Hutchinson, Greenvale and Eastchester Middle School. The program is administered by a unit of specially trained DARE Officers, who furnish the children with positive instruction and act as role models. The program consists of a 12-week curriculum consisting of approximately one hour per week of instruction per fifth grade student and a 4-week program for all eighth grade students. D.A.R.E.'s semester-long effort equips students with drug information, methods to enhance self-esteem, ways to resist and/or positively deal with peer pressure, and specific analytical and decision-making skills.

Child Safety Seat Inspection Program: The department has certified car seat technicians that will assist parents with the proper installation of their child's car safety seat. The technicians will look for improperly installed, broken or recalled safety seats. We also have on hand car seats to replace defective ones, if needed. The Eastchester Police Safety Seat Inspection Program is located at Town Hall. Inspections will be conducted by appointment. Questions/appointments should be directed to Sgt Rich Biagi at (914) 961-3464 or rbiagi@eastchester.org   For more information on car seat safety please visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's web site at http://www.nhtsa.gov/

Emergency Response Unit
The Emergency Response Unit is a volunteer group of specially trained personnel assigned supplemental safety equipment, armor, special weapons, and other specialized devices designed to effectively overcome high risk or life threatening situations. The Emergency Response Unit is a multi-jurisdictional unit, comprised of members from the Eastchester, Tuckahoe, Bronxville, and Pelham Police Departments. This unit may be called on during hostage situations, high-risk warrant services or in other special risk situations. The Emergency Response Unit is made up of a unit commander appointed by the Chief of Police, a team leader appointed by the unit commander and team members.

Police Youth Officers
Specially trained Youth Officers work to better serve the children of the community. Youth Officers can help plan or create programs designed for the prevention of juvenile delinquency, oversee the inspection of places frequented by juveniles, investigate or cause to be investigated cases involving juveniles or neglected children and refer cases to Family Court. The Department currently has a School Resource Officer assigned to both the Eastchester and Tuckahoe School Districts. 

Motorcycle Unit
The department's motorcycle unit is utilized for traffic control and enforcement. The department operates two Harley Davidson motorcycles which are primarily used for traffic escorts and control as well as a public relations. 

Bicycle Unit 
The department has numerous members who are certified bicycle patrol officers. Bicycle patrol officers are utilized in the Town's business districts as well as large community events. The mobility of the bicycle patrols allows officers to respond quickly in areas inaccessible to patrol cars.