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Town Clerk

Linda Laird                                                                        
Town Clerk
Mary Swikata
Deputy Town Clerk

Karen Campanile
Senior Office Assistant - Office Manager
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914-771-3366 (fax)

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The Town Clerk’s Office is the gateway to government and the hub of the Town's administrative system. It is often the initial source of information about the Town, serving residents and visitors in person at the office, over the telephone and on the Town’s web site.

Role of the Town Clerk:


Issue Garth Road Parking Permits

Garth Rd RESIDENT Application    Garth Rd VISITOR Application      Garth Rd MERCHANT Application


The Grayrock Commuter Parking Lot adjacent to the Scarsdale Railroad Station consists of 107 spaces Metro North land east of the wall along Grayrock Road in the Town of Eastchester, in the area immediately south of the Village of Scarsdale municipal boundary and the Village's Freightway Garage.

Permits are available to commuters and residents of Garth Road. The fee is $195 per quarter ($65 per month). Grayrock lot Commuter Application , Garth Rd Resident Commuter Lot and Rules and Regulations.

* Issue Scarsdale Avenue Resident Commuter Permits - applications available by request

Effective October 1, 2023 you can pay for your parking permit via credit card at the following link:

A convenience fee of 2.45% for debit & credit cards is charged by Value Payment Systems for using this service. The minimum convenience fee is $1.75