Jean Schipper - Chief of Operations Auxiliary Police
George Papademetriou - Auxiliary Police Advisor/Retired Chief

Eastchester Auxiliary Police
Eastchester Disaster and Emergency Services
40 Mill Road, Room 103
Eastchester, NY 10709
Telephone: (914) 771-3371 Fax: (914) 771-3372




The Eastchester Auxiliary Police were originally formed by the Westchester County Office of Civil Defense, which was directed by the U.S. Secretary of Defense under the Civil Defense Act of 1950. Like many Auxiliary Police Departments throughout the county, the Eastchester Auxiliary Police Department has developed into more of a policing agency than a civil defense agency, although we maintain both functions.


The primary function is to ensure an emergency-ready auxiliary police service and act as the "Eyes and Ears" for the Eastchester Police Department. As a volunteer organization, the Eastchester Auxiliary Police provide an opportunity to have some involvement in public safety, particularly in law enforcement, and to serve one's community during emergencies or routine details. The commitment of volunteers makes is possible for our community to effectively respond to and recover from these emergencies.


Due to the nature of the position and duties, a sworn officer is privy to complex and confidential information including law enforcement data, emergency plans and operations, and confidential information or intelligence not authorized for public dissemination. Strict rules govern the appointment of an auxiliary police officer. Each candidate is subject to an in-depth screening process to determine suitability for appointment.

A formal application, interview and criminal background verification are required of a candidate. Upon satisfactory completion of the application procedures, the candidate must then undergo and successfully complete the training course in order to become an auxiliary police officer. This individual is then given a probationary appointment of one year. An auxiliary police officer is subject to termination for any violation of the department's standard operating procedure manual, or any other rules, regulations and policies that apply.

Applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Possess a valid New York State driver's license
  • Live or work in the Town of Eastchester
  • Be of good moral character
  • Be in good health and physically capable of performing all duties required
  • Pass all requirements as indicated in the hiring process
  • Be willing and able to fulfill all training requirements
  • Be willing and able to report for duty at any time, with or without advanced notice
  • Have no felony conviction or any other conviction of a crime that would disqualify enrollment

For an application click here, stop by the Eastchester Police Department to request one or call us at (914) 771-3371.

The application is to be mailed back in original form to:

Chief of Operations Jean Schipper
Eastchester Auxiliary Police
Town of Eastchester
40 Mill Road
Room 103
Eastchester, NY 10709


All officers are trained at the Westchester County Police Academy and are New York State Certified Peace Officers. Initial training is without firearms but permission may be granted later on for firearms training and qualification, subject to departmental approval. All recruits are required to undergo and pass the training course before becoming auxiliary police officers. They are also trained and certified to carry handcuffs, batons, and o.c. spray. Other training includes basic defensive tactics work, crowd and traffic control, anti-terrorism procedures and article 35 instruction which pertains to the use of force.


The Eastchester Auxiliary Police are utilized to assist the Eastchester Police Department during times of emergency and natural disasters as well as specific and routine patrol details. Patrol details include assisting with vehicular and pedestrian traffic at all parades (St. Patrick's Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Rag-a-Muffin, Eastchester and Tuckahoe High School Home Coming Parades) and Columbus Day Weekend and Immaculate Conception School Carnivals. Officers patrol regularly on Friday and Saturday nights and during holidays. This includes 4th of July, Halloween and mischief nights, and during the Christmas shopping season.

The Auxiliary Police service operates in a paramilitary command and control structure common to law enforcement agencies. Adherence to official policies and procedures, military courtesy, professional and ethical conduct is expected. Prohibited conduct will be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.


It is necessary that we maintain our high level of service to best serve the police department and our community. As volunteers with a limited budget, we need your support. Therefore, we welcome any donations payable to "Auxiliary Police - Town of Eastchester".